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Alpaca Expo Group celebrates 22 years in 2017.


22 years Alpaca. How does it feels?

Feels like we are on the right way. Too much is done and too much is left to do. But it brings more drive to our crazy business.


Where was the foundation stone of Alpaca laid? And what was your motivation?

It was in Kiev, Ukraine, 1995. I tried to express myself in something new and dynamic. That time exhibition business just started in a newborn country so there were a lot of opportunities to catch the wave. It is always challenging. 

Stand building is a fast and creative business. It is definitely not the easiest way to become rich but it brings satisfaction back for you when something unique and outstanding is delivered. This feeds you energy for new jobs. 


If you look back two decades in the Exhibition business what would you describe as the most influencing event within the industry?

I will not talk about the whole industry but as we focus also on quite young Exhibition markets like former USSR countries and the Middle East I would notice a big progress of top world organizers expanding in these regions. Such big machines as Reed Exhibitions, UBM now play a major role in Middle East Exhibition calendar while ITE together with Messe Frankfurt concurred the Russian market. By the way, one of the Alpaca Expo Group companies had signed License contract with Messe Frankfurt in 2014 to exclusively hold Automechanika Show in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the show was postponed due to revolution.


You are active in several and diverse markets worldwide, where do you see the future challenges of the industry?

I’m always looking for growing markets. It is risky enough to operate there but sometimes it is worth to do. Let’s say, Uzbekistan is changing inner investing policy inviting more and more foreign investors, Kazakhstan just started Expo 2017 in Astana and Dubai moving extremely fast to Global Expo 2020 building new facilities and infrastructure. Of course, Russia with never ending resources. And as the new markets are growing in  business, they go to Europe where all main world shows are, mostly in Germany. So for us it is an opportunity everywhere - we serve Clients in both directions!


As mentioned before, you are well experience in the industry worldwide. What makes the business so different outside of home soil?

People are different. And people make business. We intentionally choose so dissimilar markets to target. Europe, Russia and the Middle East - all these regions are different and the way of making exhibitions and building stands is different too. But the more we realize this difference the more opportunities we see for us. Deeply integrating to country structure, learning local mentalities makes us more professional in front of our Clients and brings more value to our brand. It brought us success and will lead us to the new goals in future. I am sure.

Nov. 17, 2017
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