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Fragrances’ influence on exhibition stand visitors.

Plenty of visual advertising makes our eyes get used to it and abstract from the majority of advertising information at exhibitions and other promotional events with a large number of participants. 

But the industry is developing, and today the influence on other organs of senses, in particular, on the sense of smell, is widely spreads.

Has it ever happened to you that you suddenly feel the aroma of freshly baked rolls, and the smell unerringly leads to an advertising stand with a new model of "bread maker" from a well-known manufacturer? Without realizing, you become a participant in the impact of "aromamarketing", this modern and almost trouble-free weapon of the sales departments.

Marketing researches prove that the use of aromamarketing creates an involuntary desire to the visitor to spend for 15-20% more time in the aroma area. The increased stay time at your exhibition stand increases the chance for engage visitor or sign the contract at least 6% more.

Key points of aromamarketing in the context of the exhibition:

1. Identify a company from a number of competitors.

2. Recreate an easy, festive atmosphere for visitors (get away from the routine, the grayness of reporting information about products).

3. Significantly increase the level of sales.

4. Increase the perception of the exhibited products.

5. Usage of different smells places emphasis on certain product categories.

6. Create an atmosphere for impulse actions at exhibition stands.

7. Attraction of remote visitors to the exhibition stand, following the "trail of aroma"

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Aug. 16, 2017
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